What do you think of when someone mentions the word “Authentic”? I think of the Starbucks logo, Converse, Coca-Cola. These companies have stayed true to the lineage of their original logos and original products. Having said that it is hard to differentiate between “authentic” and “original”. Is there a difference?

When I think authentic, I also think colours. I think of browns, light blues, maroon reds. I assume it is because of the objects associated with the colours – baseballs, baseball gloves, hockey sticks, clothing, etc…

I also think of sports when I think authentic. I don’t think monster truck racing, but rather baseball, football, or even hockey. Original classic sports that have more or less stayed true to the original rules.

This is my perception of authentic, what is yours?

I like the idea of this website and hope that others contribute. Interesting exercise. What is authentic? A great way to crowdsource the answer.

This “Authentic” piece shown above was clearly manufactured to look authentic. The original was done in the 1990s or even 1980s, but the digital image was created just last week. And it was designed to replicate the feel of the meaning of the word authentic. The original lettering was done using an “authentic” 1980s calligraphy pen, Osmiroid, B2 nib using Pelikan Ink. The italics were done fairly loose and free but on a constant angle.

The digital effects were done entirely in GIMP software version 2.6:

-colour / curves tool to bring out the blacks in the original lettering
-colour / colour to alpha (on white) to remove all white, and leave black lettering on a transparent layer
-invert the layer to turn the black ink lettering to white lettering
-duplicate and merge down to thicken the white lettering
-filter / décor / bevel to give an edge to the lettering
-duplicate, and run filters / gaussian blur @ high 50px level, then use colours / invert to give it a shadow effect
-search for and locate this amazing backdrop image from flickr CC search
-resize for a 1920 x 1080 HD image
-save it as jpg, sign it, and do the write up.

I hope you liked this piece. Again many thanks to : for posting their amazing baseball image under a CC-SA license. Many thanks to @AnthonyMarco for creating this blog that looks at the idea of Authenticity.

Looking back, I liked the original calligraphy, I liked the feel of the baseball photo showing a bruised and tattered baseball. I liked the fit between the lettering and the backdrop. And it is on my mobile phone and laptop wallpaper.