Circular Calligraphy Border Preview – Part 1


The Project: 


For me this was a medium sized calligraphy and graphic arts  project.  I walk you through the making of the entire project in this 5 part video tutorial series. 

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Here is the link to my original calligraphy border post that includes links to all the related 

What you need for this project: 

  • Printer, or nearby copy store that will print this for you
  • Calligraphy pen 2.4mm width any make is fine 
  • Calligraphy paper 
  • Board or table 
  • Scanner, or nearby copy store that will scan your work for you 
  • Inkscape Software 
  • GIMP Software 


Difficulty Level:

  • Beginner Calligraphy Skills, good practice 
  • Intermediate GIMP skills 
  • Intermediate Inkscape skills 


  • Part 1 -Sketches & Border Pattern 
  • Part 2 -Templates (Attached 3 PDF Files) 
  • Part 2 – Inking the work 
  • Part 3 – Inkscape Elements 
  • Part 4 – Scanning and crop work 
  • Part 4 – GIMP Elements 
  • Part 5 – The Final Works 
  • Part 5 – My Thoughts


Sketches & Border Pattern: 

Difficulties – Getting the balance 
right between the size of the inner circle vs outer circle so that the strokes 
look right. 


Want more?  See the entire series at… 

Circular Calligraphy Border Preview – Part 1 
Circular Calligraphy Border – Corner Detail – Part 2 
Circular Calligraphy Border – Medallion Detail – Part 3 
Circular Calligraphy Border – Full Texture Edition – Part 4 
Circular Calligraphy Border – Full Edition – Part 5

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2 thoughts on “Circular Calligraphy Border Preview – Part 1

  1. Steve, this is a very nice piece.I like your Gothic C and the Arabic look of the border.Together with the textured yellow background,it reminds me of the work of Wissam Shawkat as featured in the last issue of "Letter Arts Review".

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