Circular Calligraphy Border – Full Edition – Part 5


In the fifth and final part of this video tutorial series, lean about the final images and how you can freely use them yourself. Also check out my final thoughts on the project.

Image Licenses
Preview image (C)
Corner detail shot (CC-BY-NC)
Medallion detail shot (CC-BY-NC)
Full edition – Textured Background (CC-BY-NC)
Full edition – White Background (CC-BY-NC)

The four images will be made available under a creative commons license – CC-BY-NC. This means that you can take this, add a poem / lyrics , create a certificate, and use this for yourself or a friend provided it is not sold in any way, and that you maintain the attribution.

If you are a graphic designer and want to use this for a commercial project contact me directly, as I have the original source files both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator / GIMP and Inkscape formats. I also have the associated template source files in a vector format.

Framed Print
If you are interested in acquiring a professionally printed and framed edition contact me directly. I plan frame at least one of these for myself.

My Thoughts Overall I like the overall feel of piece, it is reminiscent of my original border done 20 years ago. I am happy with it. It is a piece that I plan to hang on my wall.

The original border was a big breakthrough calligraphy piece for me, and now this circular border marks another milestone in that it is a bit of a breakthrough from an open source digital perspective, and that’s important to me. I also like the response this series has received with over 2500 views at the time of posting this piece.

My Dislikes
The Border was too black, as a result of a poor scan. If you compare the original border, the original has a more textured feel to it.

Wrap up
I want to thank everyone for their comments, and I look forward to my December 2011 Calendar project which is well underway. Next week I have a intermediate level, step by step tutorial on a piece called, “The Enemy Within”.

It was great fun creating this. I hope you enjoyed it.