January 2012 Calendar – Berries Edition


Normally I post one calligraphy piece each week on http:steveczajka.posterous.com. I have decided to release additional pieces in 2012 for monthly calendars, and holiday specials. I hope to build up a portfolio of works.

For the January desktop calendar, I couldn’t decide on which image to use, so I posted both an Orchard Edition (not shown) and a Berries Edition.

The new gothic identity shown in the lower part of the image with the red “S” is going to replace my current avatar. I plan to slowly roll this out into the new year for all new pieces and my avatars on my social media properties: posterous, twitter, google+, email, flickr, youtube, and a few others.

The hand done, authentic calligraphy for the January piece and my gothic “S”, was inked as part of my gothic typeface project which is now more or less complete. More about this typeface calligraphy project later.

Thanks to the photographers for their royalty free photos:

Berries – Photographer: Nossirom on sxc.hu

Orchard – Photographer: night fate on sxc.hu (not shown here)



2 thoughts on “January 2012 Calendar – Berries Edition

  1. Thanks Mark!Your course was very helpful! I used my 6.0mm Pilot Parallel Pen with Royal Blue Pelikan Ink, regular paper, on my new light table. I did not use the pilot pen ink cartridge, rather just filled the grey part of the pen with the ink and removed the cartridge all together. wow, these are some of the best pens I have ever used. The results are amazing!!! I highly recommend these pens, I have the set of 4: 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm and 6.0mm.All the best to you too in the new year!CheersSteve

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