Notice – Website Change

This website has changed from “The Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto” to “Toronto Calligraphy” owned and operated by Steve Czajka. The goal of this website is to promote online calligraphy courses and digital arts learning to anyone around the world. I plan to offer

  • More online courses
  • FREE tips and tricks for calligraphers
  • A gallery of calligraphic works & my artistic process remarks (coming soon)
  • An annual calligraphy publication (magazine or hardcopy book) (coming soon)
  • Anyone to submit their works for posting on this website and inclusion into the publication (coming soon)
  • Designer Typefaces (coming soon)

If you are linking to this site, please update your links accordingly. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time, but I would hope you would stay to enjoy future updates to some interesting calligraphy and digital arts projects. I have so much in store for this site.

This new website is NOT associated with the Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto.



2 thoughts on “Notice – Website Change

  1. Hi, Steve! Looks like you’re rarin’ to go with your plans. Good for you!

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