Design Professional Brochures Using GIMP Inkscape and Scribus

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper

Watch this FREE 30 minute video to learn the basics of Scribus software. Scribus software is also FREE and it will enable you to apply your calligraphy and design skills to professional publishing documents.

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Calligraphy and Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket WallpaperCalligraphy is making it’s way into mainstream media (print, digital, and video), and desktop publishing is one of the tools to accomplish this.  Recently I created a course called Desktop Publishing (using free and open source Scribus).  This course is available at

Scribus ( is an amazing package similar to Adobe InDesign, QuarkExpress and MS Publisher, but Scribus is free, open source and available to anyone in the world.  Scribus was used to create CAGT’s 2012-13 professional looking brochures featuring hand-done calligraphy from Mark Lurz and myself. Continue reading