Making the Jump into Digital Calligraphy

GIMP Magazine - Issue 9 v4-page001So many people have asked me how to move authentic traditional calligraphy & illustrations into the digital world.  I started calligraphy back in the 1980s, and my first digital calligraphy piece was around the mid 1990s when “Pagemaker” was king.  All of my calligraphy today is still authentically created by hand, but the vast majority of my work is digitally post processed. Here are my recommended steps to get you started into this totally creative world of digital calligraphy. Continue reading

Design Professional Brochures Using GIMP Inkscape and Scribus

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper

Watch this FREE 30 minute video to learn the basics of Scribus software. Scribus software is also FREE and it will enable you to apply your calligraphy and design skills to professional publishing documents.

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