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This shows some book cover design options for a recent project I completed.  My role was to come up with an attractive cover title, and recommend a font for secondary text and background textures.  I also included some placeholder graphics in option 6 for the publishing company.  Along with the options shown above, I provided the client a written description of each option (pros/cons), fonts, graphics, and background texture(s) specifications.  Once my client selected their desired option, they received the final files for high resolution production.

I was really happy with the final options as was my client — “Steve! Too many great options. But okay, this is what I loooovee…”  This was a fun project to work on with a very quick turn around time from design options to final product.  I feel that the “old world” look of the cover is not only attractive, but it best represents the subject matter / essence of the book which is so important.  I have seen the final cover design and I am really happy with it.  The back cover is complimentary in design.

Calligraphy is used in several modern day applications like: book covers, magazine spreads, movie titles, posters, newsprint titles / spreads, certificates, video graphics, inserts, advertisements etc…

This artwork was authentically hand done, the post processed using both Inkscape and GIMP.  This includes the cover option thumbnails through to final product.

This is an example of how authentic calligraphy can really add value in a modern day graphic design project.



4 thoughts on “Book Cover Calligraphy Design

  1. Way to go, Steve! Your client, in essence, had a choice between 8 finished designs because you used Inkscape and GIMP; how much more satisfying than a bunch of rough conceptualizations!

    • Hi Ramona, Yes working in a digital environment allows me to quickly rearrange and experiment with various layout options. Most of the layout work was done using Inkscape, but GIMP also played a strong role. Cheers Steve

  2. Steve, You’ve been busy. Great stuff. I liked your Oktoberfest: Even, homogenous flow of your Gothic. Mark

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