Award Certificates

Applaud Awards Showcase Card Wallpaper Applaud Awards Showcase WallpaperI recently completed some work for an awards program.  I have done this for the past few years.  While it is a great deal of effort, it is rewarding for me as a designer.  This years program consisted of

  • Nominations Posters
  • Nominees Posters
  • Nomination Tent Cards
  • Awards Certificates
  • Invitations
  • Web graphics (not shown)
  • Web based form (not shown)

Each of the certificates has custom calligraphy completed with my new Designer Type that I plan to offer commercially.  I was quite please with the outcome this year.  The print centre did an amazing job.  I think the graphic design adds a great deal of class to the awards program.  I think it is important that when you receive an award it should be a quality award.  And the custom calligraphy really adds a personal touch.

The design did change moderately from last year.  As a result I had to make some adjustments, but I was able to carry the logo and star identity throughout the design process.  I like the white on black look as it adds an element of class, formality, and elegance.

Connect with me if you are in need of graphic design for a corporate awards program, business logo design or other.