Making the Jump into Digital Calligraphy

GIMP Magazine - Issue 9 v4-page001So many people have asked me how to move authentic traditional calligraphy & illustrations into the digital world.  I started calligraphy back in the 1980s, and my first digital calligraphy piece was around the mid 1990s when “Pagemaker” was king.  All of my calligraphy today is still authentically created by hand, but the vast majority of my work is digitally post processed. Here are my recommended steps to get you started into this totally creative world of digital calligraphy.

Step 1 – Read Issue 9 of GIMP Magazine (FREE)

GIMP Magazine - Issue 9 v4-page001I wrote a brief article titled, “Exercise: Getting Started for Calligraphers and Illustrators Using GIMP and/or Inkscape” in Issue 9 of GIMP Magazine.  The purpose was to show the basics of post processing your calligraphy in professional design packages called GIMP & Inkscape.  Both of these packages are absolutely FREE and open source, and I swear by them as outstanding software.  I use GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus primarily for my calligraphy and design work.

Step 2 – Focus on Your Authentic Calligraphy

The most important aspect to digital post processing is to get the best originals you have prior to post.  My advice is to take as many calligraphy courses as you can to help develop your art.  You might want to get started with the Learn Gothic Calligraphy and Lettering Course that I recently developed.  Also keep an eye out for live courses that I teach, perhaps in 2016.

Step 3 – Start with Digital Arts Course (Using GIMP & Inkscape)

Digital Arts Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper smThis course shows you the basics of GIMP and Inkscape from a digital art perspective.  Working with your art, your photography, your typography and your design works are all covered in this roughly 5 hour course which has sold world wide.

Step 4 – Develop Desktop Publishing Skills

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket WallpaperDesktop publishing is where design and layout are maximized.  Use desktop publishing for a range of items including book and magazine publishing, brochures, even video screen layouts.  Scribus which is also FREE and open source is one of my most powerful software tools.

Step 5 – Master the Digital World with my Digital Arts + Design Master Class

Digital Arts and Design Master Class DVD CoverOnce you have achieved learning the above, dive into design by learning universal design concepts, digital effects, and case studies of various design projects I have worked on over the years.  I am sharing 30 years of experience in this roughly 4 hour course.

These are great ways to take your calligraphy to the next level – jump into the world of digital calligraphy!