The Genesis of Designer Type

The idea for Designer Type came to me around 2010 while working on a piece called, “Wild Horses.” I was using a common graphic design technique called ‘paste up.’ I had used paste up in the 1980s where I created an entire composition based on the best lines of calligraphy, then paste them onto an artboard — an old school technique prior to the digital age.

Fast forward to Wild Horses in 2010 — it was created by taking authentic lines of hand crafted calligraphy, scanning them and using digital paste up in GIMP & Inkscape (an excellent layout tool). And I thought to myself,

“instead of scanning lines of calligraphy, what if each letter was individually scanned and placed onto the artboard in any configuration, color, digital effect, orientation or size?”

And this was the genesis of Designer Type. Free and premium calligraphic typefaces for everyone! Arriving September 5th only from