Designer Type – One Letter at a Time

Rotunda aSteve Czajka on Designer Type
Since I was a kid, I have been surround by letters as my Father owned his own sign painting shop. Letters were in my blood. My Father would take me to the job sites where he worked, and his sign shop occupied most of our basement. As his helper, he showed me the ropes to old school hand lettering and sign painting.

When I was in grade school my parents suggested that I take a calligraphy course. My Father and I took the same course and we learned together, even though his work was exceptional and I was just starting out.

But there was something about calligraphy that stayed with me like a friend on a long journey. A journey that was never rushed but well paced and left me wanting more. Calligraphy was, and is today, my Zen. Calligraphy is such a relaxing and enjoyable art form.

Designer Type has been a very long journey for me.

“Why Designer Type is so important to me is because I love the authentic look of hand inked calligraphy. I love the look of ink on special papers and how it pools in unique ways. And I love the emotional feel that one gets when looking at calligraphy. It is an experience that is memorable.  I want to bring this experience to everyone around the world one letter at a time.”

Designer Type is launching on September 5th to the world! Be sure to download this entire typeface titled, “Rotunda Love” for FREE on September 5th. Consider subscribing to this website to receive new releases of Designer Type, or follow me on twitter at